Hi, I'm Jeremy,

I've always been interested in poultry and animals, being brought up with them from a young age. My late father Tim Davies owned and ran the Birtsmorton Waterfowl Sanctuary where he had many domestic and ornamental waterfowl and poultry, he had such a large collection he opened up the sanctuary to the general public to help pay the costs of keeping such a collection. This was a success and stayed open until he retired in the late 90's.

When I was around 14 years of age one of my best friends at school, Timothy Drinkwater, told me about his brother Tony Drinkwater's racing pigeons, and that he was thinking about having his own. Tony now is currently the secretary of one of our local clubs, Malvern S.R.F.C. It was from going to Tim's house and seeing his first loft being built and his first birds weaned to the loft that inspired me and made me want my own loft and birds.

After talking to my father at the time he could see the interest I had with pigeons and he bought me a 4 x 5 ft shed and made it into a little loft. (My daughter now has this, many years later... after a bit of maintenance work!) My father then went on and brought me 6 young birds from a stud. After we trained them, we came 6th in the first race we went into, then on our fith race we won 1st from Exeter race course! We were novices but because of my fathers experience with the waterfowl it was like second nature.

My father thought "Well I don't want Jeremy to have all the fun!" so we formed the partnership of T & J Davies in 1995. We dominated young bird racing in the local clubs (Malvern South Road and Newent South Road) winning the young bird averages ten years running, with up to 30 members in the Malvern Club. Very often we would win both clubs on the weekend. We won the Severn Valley Federation, Gloucester Federation and the Black Country Federation with up to 3000 birds competing, taking the first six places in the Severn Valley Federation and the first nine places in the South section of the Gloucester Federation.

We won the section in the C.S.C.F.C and the N.F.C old and young birds over the years, with hundreds of diplomas in the specialist clubs over the last 15 years. We won the section twice in 2008 in the N.F.C, from the shortest race of 259 miles to the longest race, Tarbes, which was 617 miles on the day!

My father was always making natural tonics to bring the birds into super form. With trial and error he usually got it right!

In 2005 we started to manage the very successful RPRA One Loft Race which is by far the most successful One Loft race in the UK. We have got the yearling to win 1st Section, 2nd Open Poitiers 392 miles, 1st Federation Carentan with 1800 birds, 1st Section, 3rd Open N.F.C Messac plus many other top positions in the specialist clubs.

My father passed away in July 2010 after his battle with cancer. While he was ill we had long chats and he inspired me to keep the One Loft going and to keep our top race birds going at home.

I have stuck to my word and dug deep to keep the partnership of T & J Davies going.

Long may it rule.